Martha Stewart Skincare Routine and Tips

Martha Stewart Skincare Routine and Tips
by Truly Beauty

From face masks to serums and sprays, the Martha Stewart skincare routine is quite elaborate. That being said, at 82 years old, Stewart has a glow most 20-year-olds would be envious of. So, what’s her secret?

The business tycoon, television host, and bestselling author is incredibly disciplined about skincare. Aside from topical treatments, she also believes in creating radiant skin from the inside out. Ahead, we show you the full Martha Skincare routine that you can replicate at home to steal her luminous, youthful skin. 

Martha Stewart Skincare Routine

Fresh, glowing, ageless…those are just a few words we could use to describe her skin. What skincare does Martha Stewart use? Here’s her step-by-step routine. 

Step 1: Face Mask

Martha Stewart’s day begins at 5am. She starts her skincare routine with a face mask, which she switches between three—an exfoliating mask, hydrating gel mask, and collagen mask. She lets it sit on her skin for around half an hour to let it penetrate the pores and work its renewing, clearing, and hydrating magic.

Face masks are a daily essential in Martha Stewart’s skincare routine. By the sounds of it, she doesn’t skip a morning without a 30 minute masking session. Clearly, it’s doing her skin A LOT of favors. 

Step 2: Cleanser

After applying one of her face masks, Martha hops in the shower to let the steam remove the product before following up with cleanser. She likes experimenting with different products but her current go-to is a foaming cleanser, which purifies and brightens the skin. Then she finishes her shower with a blast of cold water to tighten her pores.

She’s also fond of oil-based cleansers for taking off her makeup. Oil cleansers are great for melting away makeup and impurities without stripping or drying out the skin. They just leave your skin fresh and dewy.

Cleansing is always an important step as it preps skin for better product absorption by removing dead skin cells and impurities. It also keeps the pores clean to prevent breakouts. 


Step 3: Facial Spray

The next step in the Martha Stewart skincare routine is toner. She has a couple of favorite toners. The first is a hydrating spray infused with soothing aloe and rosewater that gives skin a dewy flow. The second refreshes and recharges with a blend of essential oils including lavender, geranium, rosemary, and cypress. 

Toners aren’t an imperative step in your skincare routine but they can support your serums and creams by improving skin’s hydration. Plus, they’re a great product for cooling red, inflamed skin—as long as you use a gentle, hydrating formula that is.


Step 4: Vitamin C Serum

To keep her complexion bright, smooth, and supple, the businesswoman slathers on vitamin C serum every day. Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that defends against environmental aggressors to keep the skin young and healthy. Plus, it helps to fade dark spots and discoloration while giving skin a natural glow.

And the best part? Vitamin C serum works hand in hand with your daily SPF, maximizing its defense against UV rays and pollution to prevent premature signs of aging and skin damage.

Step 5: Peptide Serum

What’s the secret to Martha Stewart’s youthful radiance? A solid skincare routine….and peptide serum. She swears by daily use of a peptide facial serum to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. 

Peptides encourage your skin cells to build collagen and elastin for skin that looks and feels younger. With more collagen and elastin, skin feels noticeably firmer and smoother. What’s more, they strengthen the skin’s barrier to prevent external irritants and aggressors from harming your skin.

Step 6: Face Cream

To lock in moisture and all those active ingredients from her serums, Martha Stewart applies a rich and hydrating face cream formulated with hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. 

But that’s not the only moisturizer Martha uses. She’ll also occasionally slather on an AHA-powered exfoliating moisturizer to brighten and smooth her skin’s appearance. Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid break down the buildup of dead cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin while softening fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 7: SPF 50

Sunscreen is an essential in the Martha Stewart skincare routine. Her favorite is an SPF 50 that has a tint to give her skin a gorgeous glow. She never leaves the house without wearing sunscreen. 

Everyone, regardless of age, should be wearing SPF on a daily basis. In fact, the earlier the better. Unprotected sun exposure can damage the skin, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots. Wearing SPF is an easy way to prevent and mitigate the harmful effects of the sun. 

Steal Martha Stewart’s Youthful Glow

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or beyond, everyone can benefit from putting Martha Stewart’s skincare secrets into action. Here are some of the best anti-aging routines to shop now that include some of Martha’s fave skincare ingredients.



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Truly’s Anti-Aging Body Routine

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Martha Stewart Skincare Tips

Martha stewart skincare routine | martha stewart photo


Martha’s best advice for achieving (and maintaining) amazing skin: “Don’t take shortcuts. I think that’s the secret to good skin—no shortcuts,” she told Woman’s Day.

In addition to sticking to a consistent daily skincare routine, Martha Stewart does have a few skincare secrets for making your skin glow. 

Baby Oil for Makeup Removal

When she’s wearing heavy makeup, Martha sometimes turns to baby oil for melting it away. And yes, it works. Oils like baby oil break down makeup, making it easier to remove without drying out or irritating your skin.

“I never go to bed with my makeup on...ever,” she told IntotheGloss. “I wipe everything away with Johnson’s Baby Oil and a warm washcloth, so I wake up with a fresh, clean face.”

DIY Scrubs

Martha Stewart doesn’t just whip up decadent dishes. She also creates her own luxury scrubs at home. One of her favorite formulas involves mixing sea salt, lemon peel, and sesame oil and applying it to skin as a scrub to brighten, soften, and renew the skin.

Green Juice

The queen of the kitchen drinks her favorite green juice every single day, and swears it’s the secret to gleaming skin. Packed with skin-loving vitamins and nutrients, it nourishes from within to give your skin a natural radiance. What’s in it? Celery, cucumbers, mint, parsley, and spinach. 

“It really does keep my skin looking really good. It keeps my hair nice and thick. And I really believe in drinking green juice each and every day,” she said in an Instagram TV video.

Frequent Facials

Martha Stewart loves facials. She gets them done regularly to keep her complexion fresh and supple. According to Martha’s facialist, Carmela Barabas, she gets a wide range of treatments including the European Facial which includes steaming, extractions, massages, and masks. 

“We also do the Pearl Treatment, which is infused with protein- and mineral-rich pearl powder and works to promote soft, glowing skin,” Barabas told Glamour. Along with the Vitamin C Treatment and the Q10 Eye Treatment, both of which help to brighten and revitalize the skin.

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