Skincare Secrets Angelina Jolie Swears By

Skincare Secrets Angelina Jolie Swears By
by Truly Beauty

She's one of Hollywood's most talented actresses and famously known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. It's Angelina Jolie.

Ever wondered what the secret is behind her seemingly eternal youth? Or that red carpet glow she so often radiates?

Luckily for you, we've got answers!

Below, we take a sneak peek into the skincare secrets of Angelina Jolie and the beauty products she swears by.


Her Skincare Routine Started at 11

When you adopt good habits early, you enjoy the benefits for far longer. And Angelina Jolie started young.

"I’ve had the same dermatologist since I was 11; her name is Rhonda Rand," says Jolie. "It’s who my mother brought me to when I was little with my first scar. To have somebody who is very encouraging of being as natural as possible has really helped me, I think." 

According to her dermatologist Rhonda Rand, Jolie's routine comprises of just a few skincare products: cleanser, sunscreen, antioxidants, and moisturizer. 

Never been to a derm? We recommend you booking an appointment. A dermatologist can help you to better understand your skin and implement an effective skincare regimen according to your skin type.

Once you have a good routine in place, like Jolie, you'll continually reap the positive results, AKA, flawless skin!

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She Doesn't Wear Much Makeup

Any celeb knows the pressures of laying on thick foundations and concealers when you're in front of the camera. The problem is, healthy skin and heavy makeup just don't mix.

Nobody knows that better than Jolie. That's why she likes to let her skin breathe when she's off the set.

"The thing about [Jolie] is she never wears makeup unless she’s working — it’s probably another reason her skin looks good," says Dr. Rand. "She’s also good about removing makeup. I know her makeup artist is super careful about what she puts on her skin and takes good care of it when she's working."

That doesn't mean you should dismiss wearing makeup altogether, but it does mean embracing makeup-free days a little more. And... a no brainer: making sure you remove every trace of it before going to bed!


She Loads Up On AHA's and Antioxidants

"When she travels, she takes a good skin care regimen with her [including] alpha hydroxys or antioxidants," says Dr. Rand. 

Some of Jolie's favorite products include Dermbasics RR Perfection Cream and Dermbasics Glycolic Acid Pads 20%. 

According to Rand, the latter "remove the stratum corneum, increase collagen and elastin, keep pores clean and appearing small, and even out discoloration."

Thanks to Jolie's naturally beautiful, clear skin, she doesn’t need many exfoliators or products with lots of chemicals. 

Less is definitely more when it comes to Angelina Jolie's beauty secrets. 

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She's Committed to Protecting Her Skin

Curious as to why Jolie's often spotted wearing long dresses and wide-brimmed hats? That's because she's serious about staying safe in the sun.

"She’s olive skinned like her mom, but it’s not like she lets herself get dark. She’s been so good about using sunscreen from such an early age to protect her skin," says Dr. Rand.

"She knew that the sun is not good for skin in general — in terms of pigmentation problems and that sort of thing. She’s also good about wearing hats, which is so important. She hydrates a lot and does a lot of good moisturizing, but again, it’s the sun protection that’s going to stop you from aging more than anything."

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She Always Carries this Hydrating Face Oil With Her

As a long time ambassador for the brand, we're not really surprised to her that inside Jolie's bag you'll often find "a face oil from Guerlain" -- the Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil.

This hydrating, anti-aging solution firms, tightens, and smooth the skin, containing high-performing, luxury ingredients like Ouessant Black Bee Honey and Royal Jelly.

Hydration is essential for all skin types -- but especially for aging skin, as it's more prone to dehydration than other types. To keep your skin hydrated, be sure to invest in a hydrating serum or lotion to keep your complexion in check.

Try Truly's Dry Skin Kit to secure day-long dewiness like Jolie.


She's into IPL and Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Generally, Jolie isn't a big fan of in-office skin treatments. However, she is fond of the occasional laser session to reduce pigmentation. 

"When I got pregnant, I had darker areas [on my face] that got darker. So I do IPL [intense pulsed light] every once in a while," Jolie told InStyle.

Rand notes that she also does laser resurfacing. 

"[Laser resurfacing is] used to improve your skin and give it a little bit of a glow, but it’s a little more than a facial...And sometimes, when she’s in very sunny climates working, she can get some pigmentation, too," she explains. "We can help take care of that with a photofacial or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). We’re super careful. None of these things change the quality of your skin or cause scarring."

Interested in trying it yourself? Book an appointment with your dermatologist for professional advice. Some people aren't appropriate candidates for this type of treatment, so check that you are before splurging on a session or three.



All you need are a few essential products: a gentle cleanser, glycolic acid serum, sunscreen, and moisturizer. You can also throw in the occasional antioxidant-packed face mask (vitamin C is a good one!) to keep your complexion glowing.

It turns out, you don't need to splash out on hundred-dollar lotions and potions to attain flawless skin. You can attain it simply by being consistent -- with a few good products. Jolie proves that.




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