Pomegranate Ingredient Spotlight

Pomegranate Ingredient Spotlight
by Truly Beauty

Here’s something you should urgently know about your skin: roughly 80% to 90% of what you see on your complexion is a result of sun exposure to daylight. Hard to believe, huh?

Known as photoaging, the International Dermal Institute cites it as an increase in wrinkle formation, a loss of elasticity, hyperpigmentation, degeneration of skin thickness, and dilated capillaries, to name a few. Basically – all the things you don’t want for your skin!

Luckily, there are natural ingredients to slow down the process and reverse the signs of aging skin. One of those ingredients is pomegranate. This fruit is proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent UVA and UVB damage to the skin.

Naturally, we wanted to explore this superfruit’s whole list of benefits. Hence, we’re putting the spotlight on pomegranate.


Pomegranate Can Reverse Damage Caused By the Sun

UVA and UVB exposure are one of the worst culprits for causing cell damage and death, as well as inflammation. They can also increase free radical damage and collagen degradation in the skin.

Wearing sunscreen is the first step to protecting your skin and minimizing damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays. Besides slathering on the SPF, you can also prevent photoaging by adding antioxidants into your skincare routine to boost the skin’s natural damage defense.

“Pomegranate is a powerful fruit rich in polyphenols like anthocyains, ellagic acid, and many other plant polyphenols,” explains Cosmetic Scientist and Founder of Acaderma, Dr. Shuting Hu. “These ingredients are the reason why pomegranate extract is so effective as they help to detox the skin of free radicals while also repairing skin that could have been damaged from environmental factors like UV radiation. The anthocyains in pomegranate work similarly to how Vitamin C found in citrus fruit is beneficial for skin—it's not the pomegranate itself, as much as it is what comprises pomegranate.”

Pomegranate extract is an awesome, natural ingredient that can prevent UV-related cell death by boosting DNA repair and lessening inflammation. Pomegranate can also reverse the damage already caused by the sun throughout the years. Dermatologists highly recommend using face creams and body lotions that contain pomegranate to maintain the look of youthful, elastic skin. These products can also be beneficial in supporting the skin directly following sun exposure.


Pomegranate Hydrates Dry Skin

Pomegranate extract is a great ingredient for hydration. That’s because it contains punicic acid and oleic acid, which moisturize the skin and prevent moisture loss. Since pomegranate oil penetrates effectively into the skin, it can easily treat dry skin, as well as soothe cracked, irritated skin.

We suggest looking specifically for a pomegranate oil. Add a few drops of it to your moisturizer morning or night for a hydrated, happy complexion.


Pomegranate Can Treat Scarring and Discoloration

Another amazing benefit of pomegranate for the skin is its ability to treat scars and discoloration.

“A surprising benefit of pomegranate is its ability to regenerate skin cells,” Hu adds. “Pomegranate is great when used as a spot treatment agent for skin issues such as hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, age spots, and dry skin.”

Because pomegranates are so rich in polyphenols, they may be used in almost any product and concentration for a variety of purposes. Pomegranate also contains vitamin C which can lighten dark spots and scarring on the skin.

Fade your scars and even out discoloration with Truly’s Jelly Booster Pigment Treatment Body Potion. It’s formulated with pomegranate extract, spirulina, and vitamin B12 to lighten existing hyperpigmentation and increase healing. For best results, apply 4-5 drops of this potion to affected areas after showering. Leave it to absorb for a couple of minutes before putting on clothes.


Pomegranate is a Great Anti-Aging Ingredient

If you’re looking for an ingredient with powerful anti-aging properties, choose pomegranate.

“Not only does it contain about 48% of the daily vitamin C, but also contains other antioxidants such as anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and tannins. With all these antioxidants you have one of the ultimate blockers in free radical damage, which is a big cause in aging,” says Dr. Marie Hayag, Board Certified Dermatologist and Founder of 5th Avenue Aesthetics. “I would pick pomegranate juice over açaí and blueberry juice any day.”

According to studies, pomegranate applied to the skin can decrease the incidence of age spots and wrinkles. While they don’t prevent them entirely, they can make a huge difference in reducing your chances of getting them. By increased cell regeneration, pomegranate can help the skin get rid of hold cells on the surface to rejuvenate new ones.


Are there Any Downsides to Pomegranate?

All in all, pomegranate is a natural and safe ingredient with minimal side effects. However, it is still possible to get a skin allergy/irritation when applying pomegranate topically. But if you’re not allergic, this ingredient is very safe. So you can use it every day as part of your skincare routine for gorgeous, glowing skin.

One thing you should know about pomegranate extract: don’t leave products containing it sit on the shelf too long if you want it to stay potent. The polyphenols that reside in pomegranate quickly oxidize in water. Thus, if you're going to use a product with pomegranate extract, make sure you use it quickly so you can enjoy the freshest, most effective version of it.

Whether you’re consuming them or applying them topically, pomegranates are great for you. 

Besides fueling the body with antioxidants, pomegranates can drastically improve your skin health. However, if you would like to use pomegranate extract in your skincare routine, make sure you’re using it daily to reap the most benefits. Like with most products, you need to stay consistent if you want to see results.

To conclude, we highly recommend investing in pomegranate skin products if you want to protect your skin from UV rays, soothe dryness, and fade discoloration. There are many products available containing pomegranate if you’d like to give it a try yourself.




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