Silk vs Satin Pillowcases: Which One's Best?

Silk vs Satin Pillowcases: Which One's Best?
by Truly Beauty

If you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, switch your regular cotton pillowcase for a satin or silk pillowcase. But wait...what’s actually the difference between satin and silk? Is one better than the other or are they pretty much the same?

Choosing the right pillowcase won’t just improve your quality of sleep — it can also come with beauty benefits such as less morning frizz, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and improved hydration.

Both silk and satin pillowcases can be beneficial for your skin, hair, and health, but there are a few key differences between the two. If you’re struggling to decide between the two, read on for insight into each material and their benefits.



Silk is a natural fiber that’s made from silkworm cocoons. For decades, it’s been considered the most luxurious fabric — which comes at a pretty high price point. Silk fabric is smooth to touch, cooling on the skin, and incredibly soft. The finest silks are Mulberry silk, a refined type of silk that’s smoother and stronger than any other kind of silk, and considered a textile powerhouse.

Satin, on the other hand, is a synthetic fabric that’s a more affordable alternative to silk. It feels very similar to silk but is made from synthetic materials such as rayon and polyester. Unlike silk, satin does not contain animal-derived products, making it 100% vegan.



Here are some of the top benefits of sleeping on silk.

Reduces Frizz

Since silk is so smooth, it reduces friction on your hair, preventing breakage, tangles, and split ends. Silk pillowcases are a great haircare product for stopping bedhead — so you can enjoy a true night of beauty sleep.

Prevents Creases

Silk’s smooth surface can limit the amount of friction on the skin, preventing sleep creasing. With less friction, comes fewer fine lines and wrinkles — particularly for side and stomach sleepers.

Promotes Better Circulation

Thanks to its airy threads, silk promotes better circulation, helping to regulate body temperature and prevent moisture loss.

“Silk is beneficial to the hair because it is a breathable fabric allowing circulation and preventing the moisture from night sweats from getting trapped at the root of the hair,” natural hairstylist Bridgette Hill.


As a hypoallergic material, silk can prevent dust mites and mildew from becoming a problem. If you’re prone to allergies, a silk pillowcase is a wise investment.



Here are some of the top benefits of sleeping on satin.

Better Hair Days

Satin pillowcases can prevent everything from frizz to split ends and tangles. According to board certified dermatologist Jessie Cheung, MD, the benefits of satin pillowcases for your hair are courtesy of the smooth, slippery surface, which reduces friction.

Wards off Wrinkles

Unlike cotton, satin pillowcases are extremely gentle on the skin, making it a go-to for mature or sensitive skin types. It doesn’t tug the way cotton does, preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles which often affect stomach and side sleepers.

Keeps Skin + Hair Hydrated

Satin is less absorbent than cotton, making it easier to maintain your hair’s moisture. If you have dry or curly hair, a satin pillowcase can keep your mane smooth, soft, and healthy by keeping moisture and natural oils in place.

Makes Your Skincare Products Work Better

Since satin isn’t absorbent, it won’t absorb any of the serums and creams you layer on in the evening. In other words, you’ll get more out of your nighttime beauty routine by investing in a satin pillowcase.

Easy to Clean

Satin pillowcases are made from synthetic fibers which are less delicate than silk fibers. As a result, it’s perfectly safe to machine wash your silk pillowcases. A cold cycle works best!



When it comes to down to which is better — satin or silk — it all comes down to you and your personal preferences. Both offer a slew of skin, hair, and health benefits. Plus, they promote a more restful night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for the highest quality product and you’re willing to pay the price, silk is definitely a great option. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget and you want to enjoy the benefits of silk without footing the bill, satin is your best option. Satin is also the better choice if you’re following a vegan lifestyle, as it does not contain animal-derived ingredients — unlike pure silk, which is made from silkworm cocoons.

Either way, it’s better to choose one or the other rather than staying with your traditional cotton pillowcase.

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to do about each type of material:


  • High-quality.
  • Not vegan.
  • More difficult to clean.
  • Natural protein fibers.



  • Budget-friendly.
  • Vegan.
  • Machine-Washable
  • Synthetic weave.
  • Easier to find.



As great as a Mulberry silk pillowcase may be, you can enjoy just as many benefits from a satin weave. One of our favorite satin pillowcases is Truly’s Pink Satin Pillowcase. You’ll find it in our Satin Sleep Set, a 4-piece set featuring a standard size pillowcase, scrunchie, eye mask, and headband — all made in pretty pink satin.

This adorable set ensures a night of beauty sleep and a morning of good hair and skin. It can help prevent frizz, wrinkles, breakouts, and dryness so you can look chic going to bed and leaving your bed!


If you want to wake up each morning looking your best, swap out your cotton pillowcase for a satin or silk pillowcase. Both offer a slew of skin and hair benefits, as well as promoting a better night’s sleep.

While real silk is known for being luxurious, remember that this type of weave can be expensive and that it’s also not vegan. You can enjoy just as many benefits from satin — while staying vegan, and not going broke.

The truth is, you can make a huge difference to your skin and hair just by changing your pillowcase. And save a lot of time managing morning frizz!



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