Get Your Glow Back: Post-Pregnancy Skincare Tips

Get Your Glow Back: Post-Pregnancy Skincare Tips
by Truly Beauty

Some women are blessed with glowing, radiant skin post-delivery. Others have to deal with all kinds of post-pregnancy skin problems -- hormonal breakouts, pigmentation, dark circles, and of course, dullness.

It's not all bad, though.

With a few good skincare products and a solid postpartum skincare routine in place, you can resolve your complexion woes and get back your glow!



According to Nichola Joss, the facialist of Meghan Markle, Kate Moss, and Gisele Bundchen, "Post-pregnancy skin conditions vary depending on how your hormones start to rebalance, whether you’re breastfeeding, your cortisol and endorphin levels, and any post-natal issues you might experience."

Darn hormones!

"Everything from dehydration, to congestion and breakouts and uneven pigmentation and skin tone can occur, as well as bouncy glowing radiant skin."

When you think about it, women’s bodies undergo significant change during pregnancy. Besides hormonal changes, there's metabolic, immunologic and vascular changes -- all required to support a growing foetus.

Some of these changes come with temporary side effects like acne breakouts, dry skin, and itching. Other changes can have long-lasting after-effects, like stretch marks and melasma.

Are you a new mother experiencing any of these issues? We've got solutions!



Stick to Gentle Yet Effective Ingredients

As a new mom, you should be taking extra good care of your skin. After all, this is the time when your hormones are out of whack and your poor complexion pays the price.

"From a skincare perspective, just keep things simple and achievable," says skin scientist Dr. Michele Squire. "Skin goes through many changes during pregnancy, breastfeeding and the [first] few months postpartum, so this isn’t the time to be experimenting with new products. The last thing a tired and frazzled new mama needs is the stress of sticking to a complicated skincare routine!"

She recommends choosing cleansers, serums, and moisturizers with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C -- both considered safe if you're breastfeeding but equally as effective for treating skin issues. Just be sure to stay away from retinol. Doctors say it can be dangerous for nursing moms.

Try: Truly's Flawless Skincare Bundle.


Treat those Post-Pregnancy Breakouts

Acne breakouts during or after pregnancy are extremely common. 

They happen due to high progesterone levels that cause an increase in oily skin. That oil mixed with dirt and dead skin cells can clog the pores and ... yep ... cause breakouts. 

To prevent and treat postpartum acne, wash away excess oil twice a day with a mild cleanser. Don't use anything too harsh as this will only irritate the skin and make things worse.

Use products formulated with a blend of acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and hydrating, soothing ingredients like matcha, green tea, and aloe vera. 

Try: Truly's Anti-Blemish Matcha Skincare Bundle.


Diminish Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Hormonal changes take some of the blame, but sleep deprivation takes most of it.

If you've not been getting much shut-eye recently (understandable of course!), that could be why your eyes are looking dark and puffy. To alleviate the issue, stop giving your wellbeing a backseat and start enjoying more sleep!

You can either start snoozing more -- something that will benefit you and your little one -- or start using eye creams that contain de-puffing, soothing ingredients. You could also try using a cold compress or cool tea bags to lessen the puffiness around your peepers.

Coupled with a good diet, these remedies can help you overcome post-pregnancy skin ailments like dark circles and puffiness.


Fade Those Dark Spots

It could either be melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

You'll know it's melasma if you're seeing large, dark patches on your forehead, cheeks, or mouth. Hyperpigmentation, on the other hand, shows up as small, individual dark spots that occur as an after effect from trauma to the skin -- usually following a blemish, bug bite, or scratch.

Dermatologists recommend using skin care products that contain vitamin C due to its skin lightening properties. Exfoliating is another effective way to fade dark spots, as it removes darkened skin cells on the surface for clear, healthy skin.


Pay Attention to Your Boobs

As a breastfeeding mom, your boobs and nipples are particularly prone to dryness and need a little extra TLC than usual. The key to perking them up? Exfoliate and moisturize!

Truly's Nice Melons Edition was especially made for new mamas in need of boob hydration, firming, and brightening. Featuring a polish, serum, and butter, these products contain a nourishing blend of kiwi, ginseng, kigelia, and honeydew which contain vitamin C and other antioxidants that firm, brighten, and lock in moisture.

It's your ultimate self-care routine for glowing skin. All these products are considered safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Always consult your doctor before using new skincare products. 


...And Your Butt

If you're noticing prominent stretch marks and sagging around your booty, it sounds like you need a made-just-for-your-bum routine. 

Truly's limited edition Berry Cheeky Trio features a clearing scrub, serum, and butter formulated with strawberry, blueberry, beta glucan, and allantoin to quell redness, prevent moisture loss, fight against stretch marks, and protect against dark spots. These products can also treat butt blemishes for a clear and clarified booty.

So, if you want to perk up your behind and make stretch marks look less visible, try following this butt beauty routine for a glowing, gorgeous booty. Your butt will seriously never look better!

These products also contain no retinol, making them relatively safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. Consult with your doctor before using.


Where'd your glow go?? A lot of new mothers ask the same question. The truth is, it is possible to get your glow back with a few simple skincare products and tips. 

In addition to the pregnancy- and breastfeeding-friendly products shown above, we also recommend applying sunscreen before going outdoors. Postpartum skin tends to be more sensitive and more prone to damage, which is why protecting your skin with a broad spectrum SPF 30 is one of the best things you can do to keep your complexion healthy and glowing.

To boost your postpartum glow even more, drink up! Hydration is essential for securing a radiant complexion.





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