Truly House of Beauty Episode 25

Truly House of Beauty Episode 25
by Truly Beauty

Who’s feelin’ the ho-ho-holidays?! Welcome back, you festive Truly Babes. What a year 2022 has been in the mystical world of Truly–we’ve taken you on so many adventures! Flying into the sky with Coco Cloud, hangin’ high on 4/20, and even swimming in the pools of Honey Buns. Of course, there is one last adventure to cover. This time, the Truly Babes found themselves stumbling into a place where they should (or shouldn’t)...Santa’s Village! Grab a hot cocoa, put on some Jingle Bell Rock, and dive into this holiday tale! 

The four friends were sitting around the Truly Mansion, scrolling on their exclusive Bubblegum Pink iPhones (not yet released!) out of boredom. The sun was setting earlier, the air was chillier, and the vibes sleepier–yup, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here! Zara, Tyler, Anna, and Angela were overwhelmed with the sleepiness that the winter equinox brings. After Zara’s seventeenth yawn, Anna finally had enough. “GUYS!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, “we have GOT to stop with this hibernation era we are in right now! I’m going crazy with boredom! C’mon, let’s do something…naughty!” she said with a smirk, as she pulled out a mysterious golden key from her Signature Vanity Case. “Anna, WHAT is that?!” asked Tyler, as she strolled towards the wall behind them. “Oh...just you wait! I stole this key from a little Elf I saw in the woods the other day!” she said, taking the key closer to the wall. Once the key touched the wooden wall, a glittery, watery keyhole appeared just like magic– transforming into a giant door. Marked with bells, pine trees, and mistletoe, there was also some engraving on the top that said “Santa’s Village.” The three friends all stared at Anna, who smirked yet again with a devilish grin. “Let’s break into Santa’s Village!” she squealed, as she opened the magical door, and all four friends skipped in. 


It was a portal, a wintery portal. Snow whirled around them all, stripping away their outfits and replacing them with some holiday festive attire. It was an exhilarating experience until they were suddenly plopped down on their freshly polished buns on a pile of fluffy snow. Dazed from the journey, it took them a few seconds to realize that they were literally teleported to Santa’s Village– log cabins all about, Christmas lights bedazzling everything in sight, and teensy tiny little elves scurrying about the town. “Anna! Girly, this is insane!” said Angela, who looked down at her green Santa-themed outfit in confusion. Anna gathered the Truly Babes explaining they were actually in Santa’s Village, and to go about and enjoy the space! “It’s much better than being bored at home!” she said as she skipped away from the group. “Welp, this is COOL but I’m going to ditch you all–peace!” said Zara, skipping away in the other direction, leaving Tyler and Angela quite dumbfounded. “Let’s get out of here, these elves are creeping me out!” Tyler said with a heavy tone. Angela agreed, and the two scurried off to find a way home. 

Anna was so pleased with herself. She had stolen this key from an elf back in LA, giving her the power to hang out at Santa's Village. She saw a nearby cabin and decided to open the door. Nobody was inside, but there was a cozy fire roasting chestnuts, warm cookies fresh out of the oven, and a sparkling tree with presents all below. It looked like it was somewhere she shouldn’t be, but obviously, that didn’t stop her from gulping down all the cookies and relaxing in front of the fire. As she stuffed her face, she saw a present under the tree with her name on it. She was shocked, and a lil’ scared, but still quickly grabbed the box and unwrapped it. She heard a faint, deep voice in the air–it whispered “naughty list!” Ignoring it, she decided to move forward with viciously unwrapping the present. She received a VIP 4.0  Collection! “OMG, well I’m so excited to have more Truly products! So random that this is here?! This gift set is the best thing we offer–so many routines, so many best sellers, I can’t waiii–” her voice trailed off as she realized her body was starting to fade away. Just as the winter snow created her presence in this realm, it started to disintegrate her physical being. “NoOoOoO!!!” she said, as she drifted off into oblivion. 


On the other side of Santa’s Village, Zara was skipping through the snow. Being a tiny girlie, Zara kept getting confused as an elf! “Oh, will you take this to Mr. Claus?!” she was asked by some elf named Gumdrop. “Excuse?!” she said, pushing teeny elves out of her way in frustration. She sprinted towards a nearby cabin, opened the door, and stepped inside. It was a typical cabin, nothing too special about it. No one was inside but she heard the sound of rushing water. Cautiously tip-toeing towards the noise, she went down the hallway to see a door propped open. Once she peered around the corner, she noticed the most relaxing, coziest wintery bathtub in the entire world. The faucet was still running, so she turned it off and noticed that her name was spelled in rose petals on top of the water. Also on the edge of the bathtub, there was a mini Smooth Legend Shave Set. “WOW…is this tub made just for me?!” she said as she stripped down and dunked herself in the tub and started to shave. Her legs were pretty hairy, but the 3-step Smooth Legend Shave Set was getting the job done fast. She was shaving with ease, with brilliance, with passion until she noticed she couldn’t grip the razor anymore–it fell right out of her hands! A voice appeared in the air and said “NAUGHTY LIST!” Her body started to dissolve with the water, melting into the liquid. “What is happening to meeee–” she disappeared as quickly as she appeared, just like snow melting. 


Now, the final two friends weren’t so giddy to be in Santa’s Village as the first two friends. Tyler and Angela were shivering in their saucy winter fits, complaining about the lack of sunlight and palm trees. “Just get me OUT of here, why did Anna bring us to this frigid world?!” cried Angela. Rather than sprinting off into the village like Zara and Anna, these two friends decided to ask for some help. “Excuse me!” Tyler said while tapping on the shoulder of a teeny elf, “Hi! Um…we’re so sorry to disturb you but we are Californians who were taken to this holiday-land, not by our own choice! Can you help us get home?!” he begged with desperation. The sweet tiny elf, named Gumdrop, grabbed both Tyler and Angela by their hands and led them towards a Christmas-themed barn. That’s when the two friends saw real…living…reindeer! “Here, you take Dancer and you take Prancer!” Gumdrop said in a high-pitched elf voice. Right when the two friends sat on the reindeer, they each heard a voice that said “NICE LIST!” and two golden tins appeared in both of their hands. “OMG is this the Body Tightening and Firming Minis Kit?!” asked Angela. “It SURE is! Your skin will look EXTRA smooth ‘n firm. Have a safe flight home!” said Gumdrop, as he blew a giant whistle, causing the reindeer to fly Tyler and Angela into the sky. 


Back at the Truly Mansion, Anna was dropped in the living room. In a hazy confusion, she screamed as she realized she no longer had the magical golden key to Santa’s Village…but she stopped when she realized she still held VIP 4.0. She heard a faint scream that seemed like it was getting louder–a sopping-wet Zara plopped through the ether and landed right on top of Anna, splashing bubbles across the house. “WHAT?! I was kicked out of Santa’s Village?!” the two friends said in unison. They were looking for Angela and Tyler…but there was no sign of them. They sighed with disappointment but then were greeted by the sound of jingle bells in the distance. Opening the front door, they see Tyler and Angela flying in the sky on reindeer with their Body Tightening and Firming Minis in their hands. “This is what happens when you’re on the nice list, girlies!” they screamed below at Anna and Zara. The reindeer landed on the ground, pulled out a boombox, and all four friends started jamming to holiday tunes! 

It was a festive adventure, a mystical adventure, and one that’s perfect for the end of the year. Are you gifting Truly for the holidays this year? Find your favorites in our Gift Sets on our site.